Week Beginning January 5th

Masses etc during this week beginning 5th January 2019


    0930 Sung Mass – For the People

    1630– 1650 Confessions

    1700 Mass – Health and peace of Geoff Kiell

Monday: Christmas Feria after Epiphany

    0930 Mass – Armando Goncalves RIP

Tuesday: Christmas Feria after Epiphany

    0930 Mass – The Holy Souls  

Wednesday: Christmas Feria after Epiphany

    0930 Mass – Brother Michael Strode RIP

    1000 – 1030 Adoration and Benediction

Thursday: Christmas Feria after Epiphany

    1800 Mass – Departed of Catenian Association

Friday: Christmas Feria after Epiphany

    0900 Rosary                       (Day of Abstinence)

    0930 Mass – Michael Dodson RIP

Saturday: Christmas Feria after Epiphany



Sanctuary Lamps: 1. Br. Michael Strode RIP

                                 2. Fr, Brian Doolan RIP


MASS INTENTIONS AND SANCTUARY LAMPS: Please see Fr John or Bernie Snowden in the Sacristy to arrange for Masses and commemorations.



THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD is the day on which we remember the manifestation (showing) of Jesus to the Gentile world – represented by the Magi. At the birth of Jesus, the shepherds were the first visitors to the new-born Saviour. They were Jews, members of the race chosen by God to be the means of His revelation to humankind. In the visit of the Wise Men, we see that the Saviour is not just for the ‘Chosen People’, but for all peoples of the world.


Leslie Carson RIP. Our prayers and sympathy go to Margaret and her family on the death of Leslie (on 21st December) after a long illness. Leslie’s body will be received into church at 1630 on 16th January for Funeral at 1100 on the 17th. May he rest in peace.


Members of the CATENIAN ASSOCIATION come to us for Mass on Thursday at 1800. The Mass will be offered for departed members, especially of the Torbay Circle of the Association. We will also be joined by other clergy of the Deanery, who are invited to dine with the Circle after the Mass. Please come to Mass to join the priests in praying for departed Catenians, some of whom often attended Mass here.


Mass on Wednesday is for Brother Michael Strode, who was for many years a resident oblate of Caldey Abbey. Before that Dr. Strode was a leading surgeon at a major London hospital. He founded the Handicapped Childrens’ Pilgrimage Trust which still enables many handicapped children to go on pilgrimage to Lourdes. He was a lovely man of great humility and of much knowledge. I will miss the times I spent in his company on visits to Caldey.