Catholic Church of the Holy Angels

Queensway, Chelston, Torquay,TQ2 6BP. Tel: 01803 607116

PARISH PRIEST: Father John M.B. Smethurst, MA (Oxon)

 Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Primary School

 Headteacher: Mrs. Amelia Harding 

Masses etc during this week beginning 25th October


    0930 Mass – Birthday Blessing for Amelia

     Confessions after 0930 Mass if arranged with Fr John

    1700 Mass – For the People of the Parish

Monday: Ss. Chad and Cedd, Bishops

    0930 Mass – Fr. John Kinane RIP (anniversary)

Tuesday: Feria

    No Mass today   

Wednesday: Ss. SIMON and JUDE, Apostles

     Confessions 1730-1800 if arranged beforehand

    1830 Mass - Thanksgiving

Thursday: Feria

    0930 Mass – Private Intention

Friday: Feria. Day of Abstinence

    1000 Mass – Denis Crowley RIP

Saturday: Feria



Sanctuary Lamps: Jack and Josie Simmons


MASS INTENTIONS AND SANCTUARY LAMPS: Please see Fr John or fill in Mass envelope and hand in at the sacristy. Mass will be offered on the day chosen or the nearest available day.


SCRIPTURE NOTE: The rabbis identified 613 commandments in the Law. They frequently discussed which was the most important. When Jesus was asked to name one, He named two, because for Him love of neighbor arose directly and necessarily from love of God. What is important is that Jesus made the two equally important.


Saints Chad and Cedd (7th century) were brothers educated at Lindisfarne. Chad became bishop of Mercia (Midlands) and Cedd bishop in Essex.

Saints SIMON and JUDE, two of the Twelve Apostles.According to tradition, Simon (called the Zealot in the Gospels) went first to Egypt to spread the Gospel and then, with Jude to Persia, where they were martyred. Jude, also known as Thaddeus, wrote a short letter, which is in the Bible. He is very popular as the patron of ‘lost causes’ and many find him a great help.


NOVEMBER IS THE MONTH OF THE HOLY SOULS. Because of present difficulties, you will find an envelope and paper for you to write the names of departed you wished to be prayed for at November Masses. Please fill in today/take away and return by next Sunday and place your offering and list in the envelope. (If you don’t want to use, please place under your seat). The lists will be placed in a box before the altar for All Souls day (November 2nd) and the rest of November. Lists and offerings may be added to the box and time in the month – please hand in to stewards or leave in the sacristy. For Mass for an individual, please use the normal (= non November) envelopes, found at the back of the church.


CORONAVIRUS: Please pray the Rosary for delivery from the pandemic. There have been a few more cases in the area, though we are still one of the safest parts of the country; if you have any symptoms or are awaiting the result of a test, please stay away from church and people until you are found clear.

We have recently been assured by Public Health England that the measures we have taken at Holy Angels are more than adequate to keep people safe.


50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE CANONISATION OF THE FORTY MARTYRS OF ENGLAND AND WALES. Please read the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter, which you will find on the church website and Facebook page.


Fr. John can be contacted on 402357 if you need him

© 2016 Catholic Church of the Holy Angels, Torquay.

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