Christmas and COVID-19

We all recognise that Christmas is an important time for all the faithful to attend Mass.  COVID-19 restrictions will continue to limit the number of people at liturgical celebrations for safety reasons, even after the 2nd December.  At our Bishops’ Conference meeting this week we agreed that since the Solemnity of Christmas has an Octave, we would take a joint approach in encouraging the faithful to attend Holy Mass on any day during the Octave, to enter into the mystery of the Incarnation.  It will also be important to encourage people to ‘mark’ the preparation for Christmas as well as the celebration of Christmas and the Octave, domestically in their homes.  This will assist them in marking this important solemnity, as well as coming to Church for Mass, if possible, at some point in the Octave.  We will discuss this further at the Council of Priests this coming week.  If anyone is aware of good resources for this, perhaps those could be shared with others through the Deans. 


Evoking every blessing for the Feast of Christ the King on us all, and with my gratitude, and the assurance of my prayers.


Yours devotedly,




Bishop of Plymouth

© 2016 Catholic Church of the Holy Angels, Torquay.

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