Catholic Church of the Holy Angels in Exile

PARISH PRIEST: Fr John M.B. Smethurst, MA (Oxon)

Telephone 01803 402357 or 07757 937646


IMPORTANT Letter from our Bishop Re. November Lockdown 




































Important notice:  QR codes for the NHS COVID-19 app are available for use should parishioners choose/ have the facility to use them. They will be located outside on the noticeboard, in the porch, on entering the church on the left and right as your make your way to the seats.




CORONAVIRUS: Please pray the Rosary for delivery from the pandemic. There have been a few more cases in the area, though we are still one of the safest parts of the country; if you have any symptoms or are awaiting the result of a test, please stay away from church and people until you are found clear.

We have recently been assured by Public Health England that the measures we have taken at Holy Angels are more than adequate to keep people safe.



There will be road works on Queensway between 19th September – 12th December 2020. This will affect Sherwell Valley Road and Raleigh Avenue.   We understand that the first section of work will affect the junction with Sherwell Valley Road and St Peters Close. This means the church will mostly be affected during the first two weeks or so of the scheme. There will be no access for vehicles during this 2 week period.

They aim to reinstate part of the road surface early on to the first section outside the church to allow access to residents within this section and access to St Peters Close.

All properties within the first section will have pedestrian access available via the footway, but no access for vehicles. This will be in place 24 hours a day.

SUNDAY MASS OBLIGATION REMAINS SUSPENDED – You are urged to come to Mass on a weekday if you can – leaving Sunday Mass to those who cannot come on a weekday.


Sunday -  9.30 am and 5 pm

Monday - 9.30 am

Wednesday - 6.30 pm

Thursday - 6 pm

Friday - 10 am


THERE WILL BE AFIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS’. Families can sit together, but others must be ‘socially distanced’.


ALL MUST WEAR A FACE COVERING. Please bring your own. There will be spares provided, but you will save your church expense by coming prepared. The priest and servers will not be wearing a mask.


THERE WILL BE 2 STEWARDS TO MEET YOU AND DIRECT YOU. Please follow their directions which will protect you and others present. You must ‘SANITISE’ your hands on entering and leaving the church.


PLEASE SIT & STAND AS USUAL. However, please SIT for the Eucharistic Prayer – (it may be strange not to kneel – Fr John, on his new knees has had to get used to not kneeling).


BOOKS. There will be no books available. Bring your own if you wish. Any paper you are given must be taken home or placed in the bin as you leave the church.

READINGS. Fr John will do all the readings to start with, and on Sunday there will be only two. The Creed will be in a Question & Answer form (as at Easter), and there will be no Bidding Prayers.

HOLY COMMUNION. As the celebrant receives the Host and Chalice, he will say ‘ The Body/Blood of Christ’ – The people acclaim ‘Amen’. At the end of Mass, after the blessing and dismissal, the stewards will guide you to the priest. Extend your hands as fully as possible, the priest will place the Host on your hand. Sorry, but Holy Communion CANNOT be placed on the tongue during the present time. 

LEAVING CHURCH - After receiving Holy Communion, immediately leave via the sacristy, sanitising your hands and dropping anything you don’t need into the bin – again a steward will direct you.Please DO NOT CONGREGATE OUTSIDE THE CHURCH, please go straight home.  It is appreciated you may not have seen fellow parishioners for many weeks, but we must still adhere to the law regarding gatherings in public spaces (i.e on the street)

Other Important Information

LAVATORIES. You are URGED to go before leaving home. The lavatory in the church may not be used. IN EMERGENCY speak to a steward about using one in the hall. BUT ONLY IN EMERGENCY.

OFFERINGS. Please make our a standing order/direct debit if possible. If you need a form, ask Fr John (402357), giving your name and address and he will ask the treasurer to send it to you. OTHERWISE place your offering in the collecting bowl/basket at the door. The lockdown means your church has had a reduced income. The Health & Safety precautions are costly. Please help as generously as you are able.

MASS STIPENDS. Please take an envelope and fill in as usual. Either place it on the vesting table in the sacristy as you leave the church, or leave it on the table when you next come to church.

CONFESSIONS. Once we are more familiar with the above, the way forward will be worked on.

VOTIVE CANDLES. The sanitiser is inflammable. When we have a safe way we will make possible.


It is a requirement that everybody fills in the small Track and Trace form. There is also a box to tick if you have an urgent need for Fr John to speak with you. A form will be available at church to fill in.



The form is available to print on this website. 

Thank you for reading all this. It is very strange to all of us, but all of it is required if we are to have Mass in church. I’m very sorry if anyone ever has to be turned away because distancing prevents the admission of any more. I hope it can be avoided if those who can come on weekdays. PLEASE DENY YOURSELF THE LUXURY OF DAILY MASS, AS, IN PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES IT WILL BE SELFISH INDULGENCE. With you, I long for the day when normality can be restored. Meanwhile be thankful that Mass is again possible.

Every blessing to all.

Fr John

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