Catholic Church of the Holy Angels

Queensway, Chelston, Torquay,TQ2 6BP. Tel: 01803 607116

PARISH PRIEST: Father John M.B. Smethurst, MA (Oxon)

 Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Primary School

 Headteacher: Mrs. Amelia Harding 


Masses etc during this week beginning 18th April 2021


     0930 Mass – Thanksgiving

     Confessions after Mass if arranged with Fr John

    1700 Mass – For the People of the Parish

Monday: Feria in Paschaltide

    0930 Mass – Mgr. Antony Conlon RIP (Anniv)

Tuesday: Feria in Paschaltide

    0930 Mass – Holy Souls

Wednesday: St. Anselm, Bishop and Doctor

      Confessions 1730 – 1800 if arranged beforehand

    1830 Mass – Armando Goncalves RIP

Thursday: Feria in Paschaltide

    0930 Mass – Maria Dodson (birthday intention)


    1000 Mass – The Queen and Nation

Saturday: Feria in Paschaltide

    (Mass said privately – Maria Dodson birthday)

Next Sunday: EASTER IV, (Vocations Sunday)

    Masses at 0930 and 1700


Sanctuary Lamps: Carmina Andrade & Armando Goncalves RIP

MASS INTENTIONS AND SANCTUARY LAMPS: Please see Fr John or fill in a Mass envelope (available as you enter church) and leave in the sacristy after enclosing your offering.


SUNDAY READINGS: St. Peter (first reading) shows great courage in confronting the people for their part in the death of Jesus. He excuses them on the grounds that they acted in ignorance (inspired, perhaps by the dying prayer of Jesus, ‘Father forgive them; they know not what they do’.). Peter urges the people to repent and assures them of forgiveness if they do……in the gospel, St. Luke’s primary interest is to show that the risen Jesus is the same Person the Apostles had known prior to the crucifixion, though making it clear that the resurrection is not a return to earthly life, but shows a life beyond death….St. John (2nd reading) says that authentic love is proved by obedience to the commandments. If we fall into sin, we have in Jesus an advocate who will plead for us.------All three readings have a common theme; the availability of forgiveness to those who repent and believe in Jesus. We hear of many ugly crimes, many of which cannot be excused by ignorance,  if there is forgiveness for those who killed Jesus, there must surely be forgiveness for others. It is for Christians to show the way of repentance and faith in Jesus.


St. Anselm (1033-1109) as born in Italy. He was a Benedictine monk and abbot) at Bec in Normandy and eventually became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1093. His obedience to God and the Church meant he was not sympathetic to the world of politics and compromise – resulting in times of exile by two kings. He was a leading theologian, recognised as the most important writer between St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, Thus he was declared to be Doctor of the Church in 1720.

ST. GEORGE was martyred in Palestine c303. Although heard of in England in the 7/8th century, he became well known during the Crusades. Richard I placed himself and the English army under the protection of  St. George. He eventually displaced Ss. Edward the Confessor and Edmund to become England’s principal Patron, being seen as the personification of Christian chivalry. He is also Patron of Portugal, Venice, Genoa and Catalonia. It is right that we offer Mass today for the Queen (remembering especially her recent bereavement) and for our nation.


FR. JOHN can be contacted on 01803 402357 or 07757 937 646



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