Catholic Church of the Holy Angels in Exile

PARISH PRIEST: Fr John M.B. Smethurst, MA (Oxon)

Masses etc during this week beginning 28th February 2021


     0930 Mass – Tim Clegg (Birthday)

     Confessions after Mass if arranged with Fr John

    1700 Mass – For the People of the Parish

Monday: St. DAVID, Bishop. Patron of Wales

    Mass said privately – (intention available)

Tuesday: Lenten Feria

    Mass said privately – Fr Edward Kerr RIP

Wednesday: Lenten Feria

      Confessions 1730 – 1800 if arranged beforehand

    1830 Mass – Indrani Sukumaran RIP (recently dead)

Thursday: Lenten Feria

    0930 Mass – (intention available)

Friday: Lenten Feria. 1st Friday. Day of Abstinence

    1000 Mass – Onofrio Padalino RIP (anniversary)

Saturday: Lenten Feria   

Next Sunday: THIRD OF LENT

    Masses at 0930 and 1700


Sanctuary Lamps: available


CONTACTING Fr John: 01803 402357 or 07757 937 646


MASS INTENTIONS AND SANCTUARY LAMPS: Please see Fr John or fill in a Mass envelope (available as you enter church) and leave in the sacristy after enclosing your offering.


SUNDAY SCRIPTURE READINGS: The Transfiguration is an epiphany story – an event where the division between visible and invisible, present and future, is removed for a moment. The event is the significance to Jesus Himself in confirming Him in the course He is following. It also benefitted the Apostles in giving them a glimpse of the risen Lord. (A point they only appreciated after the resurrection). The appearance of Moses and Elijah with Jesus show that He fulfils both the law and the prophets…..The Canaanites, among whom Abraham lived, practised human sacrifice. This explains the agonizing effort that he was prepared to to make to do what he thought God wanted. His great faith was shown and God also made it clear that human sacrifice was not needed…….the second reading links to the first: God’s love for us is shown in His giving of His Son for us.


St. David (c520 – 588) attracted many followers to the monasteries he founded (known for the austerity of their rule of life). He was ordained bishop (in Jerusalem according to his biographer). As chief bishop in Wales, he lived in the monastery (Mynwy) of which he was abbot. He is principal patron of Wales.


CAFOD LENT FAST DAY ; Please put your gifts in the box at the door or in the one in the sacristy as you leave church.

FOOD BANK; The box in the porch was filled by Friday and taken to feed hungry children of Torbay. Please fill again quickly as there is much need in our area. Thank you to all who contributed.


MASS is added at 0930 on Thursday this week and a Monday Mass will be added next week. Remember, at present, there is no Sunday obligation, so a weekday Mass fulfils. Last Sunday 0930 was almost full, but there was space at 1700.


Holy Angels = please see the letter from the Vicar General on the website or Facebook page, There are details of a ‘Zoom’ meeting with Bishop Mark at 1500 next Sunday (7th March).   

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