Catholic Church of the Holy Angels in Exile

PARISH PRIEST: Fr John M.B. Smethurst, MA (Oxon)

Telephone 01803 402357 or 07757 937646

During this strange time of near isolation, I will celebrate Mass daily at 1000. Where there are intentions booked I will detail as below:-

SUNDAY: PENTECOST SUNDAY. Mass for You, the Church in Holy Angels Parish

MONDAY: Our Lady, Mother of the Church. (Intention available)

TUESDAY: Feria. Mass for a Private Intention.

WEDNESDAY: Ss, Charles Lwanga & Comps. Mm. (Intention available)


FRIDAY: ST. BONIFACE BpM. Mass for the Bishop and Diocese.

SATURDAY: St, Norbert Bp. Mass for the Norbertine Order.

Please telephone if you want Mass said for a particular Intention – reserve the donation until, please God, normal service is resumed.

EASTERTIME ends at Vespers today and Ordinary Time resumes tomorrow, It is the 9th Week in Ordinary Time: Sunday Masses year A, weekday Masses year 2. Volume 3 of the Breviary is used and it is the 1st week of the Psalter.

The Day of Pentecost marks the day when the followers of Jesus experienced the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. Those gathered in the Upper Room in Jerusalem didn’t quite know what to expect, other than the promise of Jesus. In the Acts of the Apostles, St. Luke has the coming of the Spirit in wind and fire – a spectacular event, the noise of which attracted a large crowd. In St. John’s Gospel, the event appears far more ‘low key’ – Jesus breathes on the Apostles and says ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’, giving them authority to forgive sins. Yet, wind and breath are the same word. In the account of creation in the Book of Genesis, it is the breathing of God into the dust which gives life – bringing humanity, made in God’s image, into existence. The coming of the Holy Spirit is the new breathing of God into creation, the creation of His Body, the Church. Thus, Pentecost is called the birthday of the Church, the time when the small group chosen by Jesus under the leadership of Peter – but now enlarged – receives the divine power to enable it to be what it is.

As St. Luke, in the Acts of the Apostles, records  the early years of the Church’s history, so we see the Spirit in action, transforming the followers of Jesus in many ways. As the Spirit enabled the followers of Jesus in the early years, so we believe that the same thing happens now. The Spirit, through the successor of Peter along with the Bishops, through the Councils of the Church continues to guide the Church into truth. But the same Spirit is given to each of us in the sacrament of Confirmation. As we listen to the Spirit and celebrate His presence with us, so He leads us to understand truth and follow it in our lives. So be at prayer today asking for the renewal of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in our individual lives.

I’m sure that we all look forward very much to the time when we will be together again. Peter is bringing me a set of green Mass vestments for use at home. I had expected not to need them. However the Bishops are consulting with the Government about the matter, and so we hope it won’t be much longer before we can start working out the problems associated with ‘social distancing’. Whatever it is, most of us long for the day when such distancing becomes a thing of the past, for the gift of touch, the ability to embrace are very necessary to normal life.

God bless and keep you all safe. Remember, that, as I offer Mass alone, I do carry all of you with me in my heart and mind.

Holy Angels Live Facebook Rosary 7pm Thursday 4th June on our Facebook Page. Please join us, and bring your intentions.

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