Catholic Church of the Holy Angels

Queensway, Chelston, Torquay,TQ2 6BP. Tel: 01803 607116

PARISH PRIEST: Father John M.B. Smethurst, MA (Oxon)

 Our Lady of the Angels Catholic Primary School

 Headteacher: Mrs. Amelia Harding 


Masses etc during this week beginning 13th June 2021


     0930 Mass – For the People of the Parish

     1630 – 1650 Confessions

    1700 Mass – Departed of the Rice Family

Monday: Feria

    0930 Mass – (Intention available)

Tuesday: Feria

    0930 Mass – Thanksgiving

Wednesday: St. Richard of Chichester, Bp

      1730 – 1750 Confessions

    1830 Mass – (Intention available)

Thursday: Feria

    0930 Mass – (Intention available)

Friday: Feria. Day of Abstinence

    0930 Mass – Corazon (Birthday intention)

Saturday: St. Romuald, Abbot


    Masses at 0930 and 1700

Rosary for delivery from coronavirus on Wednesday 1800  ………………………………………….......

Sanctuary Lamps: Jack Simmons RIP, Health of Vanda Goncalves

MASS INTENTIONS AND SANCTUARY LAMPS: Please see Fr John or fill in a Mass envelope (available as you enter church) and leave in the sacristy after enclosing your offering.



SUNDAY SCRIPTURE READINGS: St. Mark 4;1-34 contains a collection of parables, mostly dealing with the growth of seed. They serve as a commentary on what has been happening as Jesus has proclaimed the kingdom…..The prophet Ezekiel (first reading) foretold how God would take a twig from the top of a cedar tree and plant it in Zion. Under God’s protective power the twig would grow into a great cedar. Thus Ezekiel dreamed that God would transplant the exiled people of Israel back to the land of their fathers. He glimpsed a future descendant of King David whose kingdom would be universal….This promise is fulfilled in Jesus who ushers in the kingdom of God. The parables of the seed growing by itself and of the mustard seed were intended to encourage the early Church which was worried about the seemingly slow growth of the kingdom. The message was – be patient, be trusting, don’t expect instant results. Through the power of God, something great will be achieved from small and insignificant beginnings.


St. Richard of Chichester (1197-1253). The son of a farmer, Richard studied at Oxford, Paris and Bologna. At the age of 45 he was ordained priest and served in parishes. He was elected as Bishop in 1244. King Henry iii tried to stop him going to Chichester, and only the Pope’s threat of excommunication changed the matter. Still, at Chichester  he had to put up with much inconvenience. Despite all this, he was a model diocesan bishop – charitable and accessible, stern and merciful, extraordinarily generous to the needy. ‘ He insisted on the free availability of sacraments, the dignified celebration of Mass and right behaviour of the clergy. The people were taught the obligation of Mass on Sundays and holy days. All were to know by heart the Lord’s Prayer, creed and Hail Mary. His life was such that he was canonised with 10 years of his death. St. Romuald of Ravenna (950-1027) eventually became Abbot of a nearby Benedictine house. His particular contribution was the provision of an austere hermit life within the framework of St. Benedict’s Rule. (I admit that my main reason for keeping St, Romuald is so that I have a saint’s day on my birthday).


THANK YOU AGAIN to those who contribute to the food bank by leaving something in the box in the porch. Please keep up/ or start the good work.


Fr. John may be contacted on 01803 402357 or 07757 937 646


Had it not been a Sunday, today would have been the feast of St. Antony of Padua. A primary relic of St. Antony will be present behind the altar today.